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Giving Notice / Moving Out

Giving notice / vacating premises
If you wish to vacate your property you are required by law to notify your Property Manager in writing and provide a minimum of 21 days notice. You will be liable for rent up to and including the 21st day of your notice period. Notice is effective from the date it is received by the office (same day with emails sent before 5pm, and allow 4 working days for anything sent in the post).
Note:For tenants on fixed term tenancies, the above does not apply as your agreement cannot be terminated by notice.

If keys are not returned at the end of any Tenancy, the tenant will be responsible for the cost of replacement locks and this can be deducted from the bond. No further keys are to be cut by the tenant without prior written consent from your Property Manager. This process is in place for the protection and security of yourself and any subsequent occupiers.

Moving out and the bond refund process
When vacating the premises it is our goal to assist you in securing your bond refund. Your property manager will need to inspect the property, referencing the initial and ongoing property condition reports which determine whether any further action will need to be taken. This is done by comparing the condition of the property at the commencement of the tenancy and at the end of the tenancy.  Some or all of the bond can be claimed for anything left undone by the tenant in relation to the tenancy, such as unpaid rent, damage to the property, items missing, cleaning or gardening.

Final inspection and outstanding balances
At the end of the tenancy and once tenants have vacated, the Property Manager will go through the property, and using the property inspection report will check that nothing is damaged or broken. (Remember that some general wear and tear is to be expected, but intentional or careless damage is not.) Some or all of the bond can be claimed for anything needing to be rectified by the tenant – relating to the tenancy, such as unpaid rent, damage to the property, missing items, and cleaning or gardening maintenance.

Generally speaking, for the final clean when vacating a property you should expect to perform the following, as a minimum:

Inside the Property

  • Walls; Clean off any dirty marks, removable scuff marks, finger or food marks etc.
  • Ceilings; Remove any cobwebs and fly spots, clean off any ceiling mould (particularly in wet areas and sometimes in bedrooms), clean off dust and remove any dead insects on all light fittings, check all bulbs are working and replace those that are not, wipe ceiling fan blades and fittings to remove dust
  • Skirting Boards; Wipe down with a damp cloth to remove all dust
  • Doorways/Doors; Wipe off finger marks and any other removable marks
  • Windows; Clean inside and out including sills and runners (removing dust build up and any dead insects) – a vacuum cleaner and paint brush can do wonders here.
  • Kitchen; Clean stove top, control display, knobs, any pull out or in-built drip trays, griller racks, oven racks, trays and inserts, oven bottom, roof and walls, pull out rangehood  filters and clean framework
  • Bathroom / Toilets; Clean sink, mirror, cabinet, vanity unit and drawers, shower, screen doors, bath, wall tiles and and ceiling vents – please ensure both the sink and the bath have plugs available, clean toilet seat, bowl, and outside around the base
  • Laundry; Clean both the inside and outside of the tub, and underneath. Please ensure a plug is present
  • Heat Pumps; Front vents and filters cleaned
  • Cupboards/Drawers; Clean/wash inside and out – doors and door frames both front and back should be clean
  • Curtains / Blinds; Wash any washable curtains or netting (check with your Property Manager first to make sure they are washable to ensure you do not damage them). If there are venetian blinds, clean off the blind slats – any other type of blinds should be able to be wiped down
  • Floors; To be mopped/washed – please ensure corners and hard to get areas are also cleaned
  • Fly dirt;  All cobwebs, marks and fly dirt removed from ceilings

Outside the property

  • Lawns; Freshly mowed and edges trimmed (best done right before your vacate date)
  • Gardens; Remove any weeds, rubbish and built up leaves etc
  • Rubbish; Remove any rubbish or items that have been placed on or around the property – be sure to check behind sheds, under shrubs and trees and under the house (this includes lawn clippings and compost left)
  • Paths; Sweep paths and paving areas (best done right before vacate date)
  • Oil Spillage; Check and clean carport and garage floors, paths and driveway – if you have used a barbecue, check for any grease spots and spillages
  • Cigarette Butts; If there are cigarette butts lying around please pick these up and dispose of them

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